January Newsletter

Shout Outs!

To kick things off I would like to give a big ‘shout out’ to every single client of mine, there are obstacles being overcome each and every day and in each session, and I am truly grateful for the chance to see change happen.

Here are a few examples of work that has made me smile this month.

Richard A; a man who has battled a slight set back has risen to the challenge this very Sunday evening as I type this Newsletter. He smashed three personal best times tonight in the Ankorr harness and still had air in his lungs to say how difficult it was! Massive respect and a big well done sir!

Aine; who has been on my Online Motion coaching package for several months now, working towards her goal weight she has lost a total of 2 stone (possibly a bit more now) so far. She has shown that hard work and working to a  vision of health and vitality will result in lasting change! Keep up the awesome work!

Jeremy; he has come back to exercise after a shoulder injury and has stuck to the plan we put in place. He has shown massive improvements in his mobility, strength, posture and most of all his push ups! Each session we push that little bit harder and each session he delivers the intensity. Well done sir!

Paul; we just completed our 80th session together this evening! Whoohoo! To say that he has come on in leaps and bounds would be an understatement. From an injured shoulder and very painful knees he has fought back, stuck to the plan, done the ‘boring’ and sometimes painful homework and seen some amazing results! With a fully rehabbed shoulder and knees that are getting better each session, he has now mastered the front squat, which has given rise to confidence I haven’t seen before. Onwards and upwards sir!

Weekly Ankorr Crew; Claire, Kate, Dean and Nicky, you guys always show up and give it your all, even though you may curse me at the start. Your numbers are building nicely, you just need to keep pushing through the next few weeks 🙂

There are many more to mention, Val, Michelle, Ankur Joe, Duncan, Steve and Emma always show up and give 100%. Let’s keep focused on the goals guys and keep working hard towards the summer time!


At the beginning of the year Raw Motion Fitness merged branding with We Move Fitness LTD. We Move Fitness was a stand alone fitness solution that offered a member’s portal stocked with videos, nutritional tips and recipes and a chance for people to become fitter and healthier for only £3.95 per month. This has now become a package under the Raw Motion Fitness banner and the series of videos keeps going from strength to strength. Below is one of the Personal Growth videos for you to watch when you have 5 minutes. Each week new coaching videos are uploaded to the portal for everyone to watch and enjoy. The formats of the HIIT training have proved to be quite popular so far.
The less exciting news is that I have had to knock my Iron ZUU classes on the head at Virgin Active for the time being. At the end of last year I had a slight health concern which has turned out to be a small hernia developing in my groin. Not the greatest news for someone who’s job involves lifting stuff. At the moment I am still waiting on word from the doctor as to the severity of the hernia. Right now I am focusing on 3 day split training, and only really pushing myself if I feel right enough for it. I am hopeful things will improve and that the doctor will have positive news this week. 

What February Will Bring…

February is often touted as being the toughest month of the year for people. I love February because it is short and that means that March is round the corner, which means April is soon to follow and the Masters Golf tournament kicks the spring season into full effect for me! February is your chance to stay focused on your goals for 2018 – it is your chance to stay committed, no matter what January throws at you in these final few days. 

Actions Speak Louder

On a final note, I shall leave you with this. I grew up with the saying, ‘actions speak louder than words’ embedded into my brain. I don’t know why or how it happened, it just did. If there is a change in your life that you have been talking about making or there is something in your life you keep saying you’ll do but haven’t gotten round to doing yet, then there is no time like the present. We all love to think and sometimes talk about the things we want to achieve for ourselves, right now is the best time to get started and put those words into action!

I work with people each day who are taking action and challenging themselves to be better, faster and stronger human beings. That is inspiring stuff, especially when you find out the individual battles being fought to keep chasing their goals in life. You have the chance today to do the same, to keep rising to the challenge you set forth! So go after it!

Have an awesome week and I’ll catch you in the next post, if not before!

Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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