What is your mantra?

A mantra, according to the english Oxford dictionary, is as below:

Yes, it can be spiritual, but it can also just be something that is said repeatedly. The reason I have been thinking of mantras is because I have found them a great way to start achieving some of the business goals I have set for the year. This hits on my personal goals too as my business influences my lifestyle.

I recently thought how this would have come in handy when I first moved to the UK in 2005.

When I came over to this country I had about £700 to my name and a fairly simple plan. Play as much golf as possible for a whole year. That seemed like a reasonable thing to want to do and it sure made me feel good. The only thing that I hadn’t bet on was, how to buy a car, register the car, pay for petrol, pay rent, buy food, pay golf membership… The list was endless, I was willing to get stuck in to get things done. The only problem was getting started.

I remember moving into a bedsit in Southampton, the room was cold, bare, and stunk of boiled meat. I could cook, open my fridge and lie down at the same time. There was no internet, there was only my first generation iPod and some tunes that reminded me of home. After the first couple of days things were looking a little bleak. I was walking everywhere because busses just didn’t make sense to me. On my way back from a trial shift at a new job (selling double glazing) I cried my heart out. I was down to a couple hundred pounds in my pocket and had spent the afternoon amongst a team of men who walked around neighbourhoods and got people very angry by knocking on their doors trying to sell windows.

It was all very bizarre to me as I was pretty sure that they had windows in their homes in the first place, I also had no idea when fascia boards were, in fact I still don’t know what they are. All I know is that I got a free lunch from the head honcho who I walked around with. He earned over £1000 per week and seemed to be able to sell just about anything.

It was an experience I would quite happily never experience again (I did however in London another time with Sky TV but that is another story).

Anyways, I walked home, jobless and with the idea that I could potentially never find a job other than walking around knocking on people’s doors and selling something that I had no idea about. Lying in bed crying myself to sleep I could have used a mantra, I could have done with having faith that there is always a way forward. Months later with the help of family, new friends and my own work ethic I had a job in a golf course and was doing something cool. The dream of professional golf was very far away. Each month I would suffer a crisis moment and I would go and sit by a river near a church in Andover and try to figure out a way forward, this often ended with the mindset of just muddling through.

I reckon if I had a mantra, or a few mantras back then I would have been able to get through everything with a bit more confidence in myself.

Of late they have proved their worth by helping out of some sticky spots, so here is a recipe for you to cook up your own.

  1. Spend some time today thinking about what you are trying to do with yourself – this may align with your goal of weight loss, muscle gain, or making better choices with food. This could even be something like improving your mood, or your bank balance.
  2. Add a little gratitude; the reason I wasn’t open to having any mantras back in 2005 was because I wasn’t appreciative of the fact that I had a dream that I was pursuing.  In reality I had a roof above my head and money in my pocket.  
  3. Add some love, an example of this would be: loving the idea of a new and improved you. 
  4. Place those feelings and goals into a sentence or statement, an example of this would be: “I love the fact that I am passionate about being fitter and stronger, I am grateful that I have the chance to educate myself about diet and exercise; this makes me happy and when I am happy I can achieve what I want for myself.” In my case in 2005, it could have been as simple as this; “I love that I am 18 and following my dreams, I am grateful for the support and friendships around me and I see opportunities everywhere.”

It is a simple recipe and it aligns with spending positive time with yourself, this is something I covered in last week’s Personal Growth video in the member zone. In the last blog post I mentioned about how reading and listening to books has helped me grow. I one book I’ve recently listened to the author explains that what we think about the most we create more of. I feel like we live in a world where people are thinking about how stressed they are each day, how worried that makes them and how insecure they are because they don’t look or feel the way they think they should.

If you can add a mantra into your mind each time a bit of worry kicks in, or a bit of stress peeks around the corner then you’ll be filling your mind with positive affirmations that align with your goals. That doesn’t mean to say you’ll never had a bad day, or a moment of anger, it just means you’ll be able to recover from it better.

See how you get on with that recipe and let me know your results with injecting a mantra into your life, you might be surprised.

Have a great week.

Stay strong and keep moving.


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