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So, GOALS hey? That word that bangs around in the fitness industry like the noisy zip on your clothes in the washing machine. There are goals upon goals being set each day and in fact sometimes the word goals can send a shiver down your spine. In fact, I’ve written over 73 different blog posts, all with the word GOALS in it, that is a lot of writing about goals and if you count this post then it will be 74.
All in all it is a pretty good thing to have something in your sights that you would like to achieve when it comes to life, fitness and all things to do with your progression as a human being. When I sit with people to talk about Personal Training my first ice breaker is always about their motivation for wanting to change things up; invariably the conversation turns to achieving something that they used to have, have never had or what they think they want at the time in their life. 9 times out of 10 people are sitting in front of me trying to find the fastest way to be healthier and better.

This often leads us down a path that highlights a lack of balance, in fact, we all at some point in our lives will experience a lack of balance in the juggling act of living.

Today I thought it best to cover balance based on a series of coaching videos that I have studied through the CHEK institute. Life balance, yours and mine, can be broken up into 4 sections or 4 quadrants or 4 pillars, this is possibly the best way to ask and answer the right questions for longevity and health. I’ll create a video on this for next week’s post because I think that this is fundamental to life, vitality and us living as balanced as we can. For now the basics are as follows…

The four pillars to our health:

  1. Movement
  2. Diet
  3. Quiet
  4. Happiness

If we think about it as a recipe for health and vitality then it is about adding the right amount of ingredients in at the right times to produce a lovely result. 

If we focus too much on one particular area then we run the risk of developing an imbalance in our health and vitality.

Let’s take me as the example 4 years ago – my diet was horrible, my movement was poor, I kept myself pretty busy and I was really unhappy because I hated my job. The sensation was my unhappiness and my intuition told me there was more to life than clocking in and clocking out of a job that I disliked. I felt very frustrated and that led me to think of ways to cope, i.e. eating lots and lots of comfort food.

Let’s face it, I didn’t get fat over night, I practiced quite a lot to get there, so we are talking years of neglect that led to the pillars crumbling away from my life. The rebuilding process is the toughest thing to start but the most amazing to watch grow.

I’m not suggesting you need or have to re-build your entire existence – what I am asking you to take from this today is that problems are easy to diagnose if you ask the right questions. If you are struggling to reach your goals there might be a slight imbalance in your life that you can work on.

What you can do this week then, is sit down with this blog post in front of you and ask yourself the questions in RED for each Doctor. If your answers are YES then that is awesome, if you are unsure or have a few NO responses then there is work to be done.

Next week’s video and blog I will spend more time discussing this model by Paul Chek, but in the mean time I will leave you with a couple of things.

  1. Be honest when answering your questions about health. 
  2. If you feel like there is a lack of control in one or more areas of your life there are always coping strategies and solutions. One solution is hiring a coach to help you with whichever areas are unbalanced. This is a great way to move things forward as you have accountability and a focus. For example, my video coaching (We Move Fitness Package) is designed to help with each of the 4 doctors. My 121 coaching covers the same elements but is a lot more bespoke as each person is different. 

I’ll leave you with a final quote from Paul Chek which is his definition of health, “Health is an honest willingness to engage your body-mind such that you engage body-mind challenges as an integral process of creating and living your dreams, and accomplish stated goals/ objectives.”

Ultimately your health is the most important thing that you can control, start your week well and complete the questions above, once you know where you stand you are in a great position to move forward.

Have a great week and I’ll see you in my video next week.

Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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