Weight loss insecurities…

This is the time of year where people start to question their healthy choices and gym members find that there is more space to breathe because the crowded gyms of January are starting to ease.
So why is this? Why do people start something and never finish? Are they getting injured? Bored? Sick? Maybe… I believe that it is because we are super hard on ourselves when setting out on any fitness journey, a lot of people want to see instant results but forget that physical change is best measured as a trend over time.

Sure, there are a lot of things at play when we talk about individuals and their success when altering body composition, and ladies have the hormonal factor to think about. The trend that I see is people getting frustrated because results fluctuate or are slow, there is nothing wrong with progress being slow because even slow progress will gain momentum over time.

I plateaued twice when I lost my weight and bear in mind I spent a year and a half really pushing myself, not just a few months. The plateaus were tough because it meant that I had to dig deep, trust the process and stay committed to my goals that I had set for myself. If I encountered a plateau or stopping point (I did actually get injured) I figured a way around it and re-adjusted my sights.

It worked for me and works well for my clients when they hit a sticking point. I’ll give you an example, Steve has been working hard each week with me in Ankorr sessions for over 6 months now. About 8 weeks ago he got sick, like proper man flu sick, he came back to training after a week or two off but it completely changed the intensity of our sessions. Targets I had set he couldn’t hit, his strength fluctuated and we had to re-adjust the plans. We have made an epic breakthrough in the last two weeks as his energies have returned to normal and he is able to push himself harder.

My point is that progress is never a straight line, there is always a bend in the road, you have to focus, not on the day, but on how far you have come and intend to go. Here is a video covering my thoughts below and just remember the quote in the picture of this post.

Keep leaping towards your dreams and don’t let drama and insecurity hold you back because you are way too awesome for that!


Have a great week, Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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