Worth the squeeze?

The most important note about the movie was a speech that he gives at his graduation ceremony. The speech is on Moral Fibre, when he wrote his speech it was before falling in love with the girl next door, whilst giving the speech he breaks away from what he has written and talks about falling in love. It is all a bit Hollywood but one line stands out, “in your heart you’ll know that the juice is worth the squeeze.”
If we take that sentence literally then you might ask yourself two questions:

1. Why would I squeeze fresh orange juice when I can just buy fresh orange juice?
2. What has juice got to do with motivating me?

To answer number 1, fresh orange juice is always going to taste awesome, it is just a bit harder to create.

To answer number 2 then ask yourself the question relating to your vitality and wellbeing. An example… Is your goal of change for yourself worth the input of time to achieve said goal?

Take a moment right now to close your eyes and imagine the feeling of reaching your goal, be it fitness, fat loss, dress size, money, happiness level or all of the above. Just close your eyes and imagine what that feels like. With that in mind hold onto the emotional sensation that occurs, the smile that might come across your face and then ask yourself,  is the juice worth the squeeze?

If you answer honestly you’ll find that it will be a yes.

The truth is that you are the only person that can change you, people can guide you but ultimately you are the one that has to realise the freshly squeezed orange juice is way better than the cheap store bought rubbish.

Go now and be awesome, go now and buy some oranges!

Have a great week, Stay Strong and Keep Moving.


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