Be All You Can Be – Tomàs Solano

I remember meeting a guy one day called Tomàs, he had a baseball cap on, he was quiet and unassuming, he wasn’t from America, he was from Venezuela and he was all about his baseball.
As a golf team we would often try and make it to any other team’s games be it baseball, softball, basketball or volleyball; the teams would always support each other in some way.  It was a great atmosphere and it was a sad day when I couldn’t go back because I ended up losing touch with a lot of people.

After I returned to the UK I became bigger and more enclosed in my weight gain my mind became more detached from the life I lived in Texas; playing golf and being a part of a team became a thing of the past. Despite being connected via Facebook to most of my friends from America I didn’t feel like I wanted to let them know how far I had strayed from where I was.

After I lost all my weight I started to connect with people again and I found Tomàs, training hard and still showing passion for the game of baseball. I saw through social media that he was working as a coach at Momentum Sports Academy in Baytown, Texas.

Tomàs had moved to America to play baseball and chase the professional dream, despite his best efforts an injury caused him to retire early and focus on completing his University degree without being able to pursue his dream. I didn’t know this until I saw a picture of him (below) and it blew my mind. I couldn’t believe how big he became after I left America.

The last time I had seen him in person he was happy, healthy and playing the sport he loved. Somehow he had strayed from his fitness path in life too and I wasn’t sure how. Tomàs had been through some tough times and in a similar way to me he had found himself on a slippery slope, reaching 225lbs (102 kilograms), unhappy, drinking too much, eating too much bad food and moving too little.

One evening he sat with his roommate and they both decided that the next day they were going to the gym to get fit at 5AM. Call it a fleeting moment of will power or a realisation of their potential for change, they were inspired. Despite the positive plan set forth Tomàs went to bed thinking that there wouldn’t be a 5am and his days of getting more unfit would keep going. He had self doubt, coupled with mood swings and a lack of motivation. I think we’ve all been there, lying in bed at night and planning our fitness routine in the morning, only to hit snooze on the alarm and roll over for a little more time in bed.

5AM came, Tomàs was woken up by his roommate and the morning gym routine was born. The more he trained over the following 6 weeks the more he became himself again. There was less fast food, less fizzy drinks; all the poor nutrition was replaced with lean meats, good meal prep and laser focus on becoming fitter and stronger every day.

At the same time as the positive change was starting to take hold, Tomàs was accepted to complete his Masters Degree in Human Performance. He fell in love with learning about the human body and that is what led him to become a trainer and coach at Momentum Sports Academy.

Tomàs now brings people the same inspiration that was brought to him at 5AM every morning when he was at his lowest point. He brings people closer to their goals each day; “The best and most rewarding thing I have heard from the people I train is that they have the ability to play with their grandkids and have a new lease on life.”

Tomàs exemplifies a true fitness coach, he helps people, using his own experience and gets results by promoting three things:

  1. Change small things for big results – Rome wasn’t built in a day.
  2. Never be scared to ask for help – there are always people looking to help others. 
  3. Be all you can be – Make changes for yourself because you deserve good in your life. 

Tomàs has since started his own fitness company in Texas, offering motivation and fitness training for people who are in need of the help that he was given to kickstart the positive change in his life. Solfit will help to make the world a happier, healthier place and that is the reason I thought his story would make your day brighter.

The one thing I learn each day and that continues to amaze me is the story behind each and every person I meet, there is a story. To you, your life may be boring but your story could hold the inspiration for someone else to change their lives.

I hope that you share my happiness and excitement for Tomàs and his new found passion in life, I hope that his story has helped you start your week well!

Be all you can be and be proud of yourself whilst you do it!

Have a great week ahead.

Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


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