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I have to say that 2018 has been off to a flying start for me personally and professionally and the reasons for which I’ll share with you today. One of the biggest things that I have noticed is that I haven’t been so hard on myself for ‘letting other people down’. In other words I have been forcibly taking more time for myself and focusing on what serves me.
You might ask what caused this shift? Well, it is a long story, last year I probably bit off more than I could chew – I started We Move Fitness, an online fitness solution with someone and tried to jump away from the health club scene and become a freelance trainer. The freelance trainer plan sort of fell apart in the July of last year and We Move Fitness, for reasons I can’t go into, limped along until December last year. The online fitness solution has become something that I merged with Raw Motion Fitness and now have full control over.

That doesn’t sound like too much of a big deal, but it was, and led to a big change in strategy for my career at the end of the summer last year. August to December was possibly one of the toughest times for me in terms of knuckling down and getting to work on building relationships and building up my client base, all the while really struggling with my confidence in myself. I remember one day I had to just stop, I had to stop everything I was doing and just sit and think, I thought about life, I thought about who I am as a person, my values and if I actually was a good person. I thought about what I was trying to achieve and I thought about where I wanted to go, then I thought about nothing, turned off my phone and went to sleep, this cycle repeated for several days.

Later in the week I was writing out my ideas, my solutions to my problems, trying to calculate what I would need to do to make enough money to get through to the next month and keep the spark and finances alive. My friend Gaz came over to help me out, we talked about the exact numbers of people that I would need to sign up to ‘get by’ until the end of the year. He saw me panicked and furiously writing numbers down, and he grabbed a piece of paper and wrote this down.

That has been stuck in my head ever since; I have it pinned in my room and look at it from time to time. Back then, I looked at it every day. With that said, I achieved what I set out on the papers that day because I harnessed some inner strength, said to myself that, ‘I have the power to do this for me,’ and managed to embrace the friendships and love that was around me at the time.

We Move Fitness has officially dissolved as a business and the content and video platform has continued as a part of Raw Motion Fitness – this was a hard decision to make and leading up to Christmas I found myself to be very stressed over the whole thing. The idea for the business was pure, bringing people a platform for health and fitness that was accessible and inspiring.

The momentum that we had was great, however the universe has a weird way of throwing curve balls at relationships and friendships. The decision to split from a business, even as young as We Move Fitness was, is no picnic. I have learned a lot about business and relationships off the back of it.

The integration of the video coaching under the Raw Motion Fitness Umbrella will give rise to something that I am really excited about in the coming months, there is a plan a foot, so if you stay tuned then you’ll get some awesomeness coming your way.

I’m always one for learning from things that happen in life, and if I can explain why I’m sharing this with you today; it is because what ever your goal, what ever your plan for things in your life is, you’ll always have people and things that inadvertently get in the way. You’ll have obstacles and battles to fight, even when you get to your goal there is to be no let up. You just have to take some time to congratulate, acknowledge your success and look for other ways to keep moving with things. The reason I say this is because the world doesn’t stop for anyone – things are constantly changing and moving. There is never a right time to start something new, there is never a perfect day to start your diet, start a course, do a degree and ultimately be the best version of yourself, you just have to start.

What is funny is that I actually wrote this piece about 2 weeks ago, I wrote it before I went on holiday to Cornwall and thought I’d post it then, but I didn’t, I left it. Then a few days back from holiday my cousin shared a video on Facebook – it is 4 minutes long and underlines what I have written in this post.

I like the way that things come together when you don’t rush them, the way things come together when you put the right focus and energy into them. If you feel like you are struggling with things at the moment, struggling with the way in which your life is headed, then maybe take some time to stop. It can be 5 minutes or 5 hours, but just stop and let your mind catch up with itself.

Last year felt like everything was a rush for me, which is probably why things ended up being the way they were in the middle of the year. With change comes reflection and reflection is hard to do without time away from the routine that you are in…

Energy is an infectious thing – it moves from a high concentration to a low concentration, #science, if you are full of awesome bubbly energy then you’ll infect those around you. If you’re full of nothing, then maybe those around you are infecting you. Either way you have the chance to change that energy each and every single moment because life is full of choice. 

Maybe today is the day when you choose to change? Maybe today is the day that you decide to think differently about your life, fitness and vitality? Maybe today you start to feel awesome because you choose to live for you and embrace the love and friendships around you?

Stay Strong and Keep Moving.


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