I hear these words a lot, how they are used often gives me an insight into how people think about the goals they are striving for and how they feel about themselves.

That may sound like a really deep way to kick off the first blog post back, but I’ll give drop a few phrases down below that I hear a lot, see if you can identify with any of them.


“Every day is an opportunity to make the right choices for diet, exercise and your life.”

“I have been trying to get into fitness but I don’t always have the chance to train.”

“I haven’t had the chance to look into the diet/ email/ recipe/ workout plan.”

“Do or do not, there is no try.” – Okay, Yoda said that but he is a legend!

“Opportunity is everywhere if you are open to it.”

“I can’t afford to be fit and healthy.”

“I’m so busy, but I’ll try to start changing things on Monday.”

“I’m ready, I’m willing, the time is now!”


If you break each sentence or phrase down you’ll note that there are restrictive phrases and empowering phrases – restrictive phrases can easily keep us locked in our current circumstance, empowering phrases allow us to be open to the opportunities around us.


The psychology of words is fascinating to me, and something that has truly helped me develop better, more positive thoughts in my head over the last few years. What we say to ourselves, what we say to other people all has an impact on our subconscious mind. 


If you break it down into daily life, we have something like 70000 thoughts each day. If we think about the emotion that some thoughts can conjure up then we must be mindful the words that we use within those thoughts contribute to a more positive life. Believe me when I tell you that talking yourself down the whole time can lead you down a road that you would rather stay away from.


I’ve written about this before in a blog post where I’ve said that my self talk on the golf course always caused me to be very implosive. One really bad shot could lead me to lose my whole scorecard and go home feeling dejected – I would be mortally wounded by the idea of a bad round because that reflected negatively on my dream of playing golf professionally. In reality one bad hole, or one bad round wasn’t going to ruin my life. The bad hole and bad round would always be something I could learn from, in order for me to grow. The kicker is; being wrapped up and a restrictive mindset, like I was, because of my words and thoughts, my self talk was restrictive like this… “I tried hard out there but I can’t ever hit the ball in the right place on certain holes.” Instead of maybe an empowering thought and phrase like… “Next time I’ll try a different strategy on certain holes in order for me to improve my score.”


It sounds so simple, and maybe silly, but the first sentence kept me locked in a spiral of self destructive thoughts and emotions relating to my golf game, because it was all I knew, when life got tough I defaulted to the same thought processes off the course.



If you feel like some of what I have said rings a bell with how you feel day to day regarding exercise, life, food or general wellness then this might help.


I don’t think that it serves us to be happy go lucky and smashingly positive all the time, we should have emotion, ups and downs, it is what helps us balance things out. I also don’t think it serves us to stand in the mirror chanting positive phrases at our faces hoping our dreams come true.


In my experience there are a couple of things that really go a long way, the first being taking a moment before we speak to realise the kinds of phrases that we use.


If we are using the words ‘can’t’, ‘try’ and any other phrases that sound like some of the restrictive examples I have used then it is time to shake things up and practice talking ourselves up. This takes time, however if you are committed to it each day you’ll see awesome progress over a month or two.


The other thing that has really helped, is to stop, for about 5 minutes each day at any point in the day. Stop and listen to the thoughts that flow through your head, then push them out and just be still, no distractions.


These sound like simple things but from where I am sat the whole world changed. Yes, I have my bad days but if you draw my moods and self talk out on a graph – looking over the last few years then you’d find that the trend is going up. Which is a massive win!


If you’d like to win too then you can smash these tips above, alternatively I have just launched a new holistic video coaching program called the ‘Kickstart Program’ – 8 weeks of videos and activities to help you move better, feel better and think better thoughts. Check it out here and if you like what you see then jump on board! If you know someone who might benefit from this blog post or the program then please share it with them as sharing is caring!


Have an awesome week ahead and if you have any questions then email –

Stay strong and keep moving!


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