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his way around the UK. We have certainly got enough fuel in the motivational tank to make a journey ourselves. This is where today’s blog might come in handy. This is about clarity and tapping into our dreams as a source of intrinsic motivation.


The great thing about seeing someone else’s journey through struggle has to be that it can fuel our ambition to step out of our comfort zone and seize life. Knowing that it is possible, however, is only half of the battle.


It’s almost an ‘aha’ moment when you realise that you can actually achieve what has been playing on your mind. Weeks after quitting smoking in 2013 I had seen multiple fitness videos advertised, spoken to a couple of people at work who had been doing different things to get fit. I’d seen documentaries on food and the nourishing properties of a diet rich in vegetables and no processed food.


At a certain point my brain went; “Yes!” Brendan you actually have just managed to quit smoking, something that some people struggle for months and years to do. You did it all in one night and feel better for it. You have the belief now that you can change your diet and lifestyle completely!”


Over a couple of months  I had done things that allowed me to see clearly what I had forgotten that was important, the quality of my life. Over an 8-week period I decided that I already had the confidence to achieve the change in my body, no matter how long it took.

This is the crucial part that we often forget about, which is why it is important to note down. I decided to make a change in my life (quitting smoking) because I wanted to feel better. Then I did and that made me want to change more because I was still morbidly obese. I got in touch with my thoughts about the future and realised that the dark place I had been in for 7 years, where life was not really worth living, was a complete lie that I was telling myself.


I simply had to get clear about my dream, about who I wanted to be and then things began falling into place in my mind. The clarity resulted in a plan which resulted in a change in my life that, at a certain point back in 2012 I never thought was possible. It took me back to an old book written by Harvey Penick,  where he wrote and talked about the process of hitting a golf shot. He used to say, ‘take dead aim.’ Meaning that if your goal was to hit the ball onto the green, then aim for and imagine the very blade of grass that you would like to hit with the ball. Clarity about the objective lead to a more confident execution of the golf shot.


So here is a question for you this fine day… How many times have you had an overwhelming urge to achieve something? This might have been a New Year’s resolution. Maybe a lazy Sunday afternoon recovering from a heavy night? Maybe you’ve said, I’ll start to eat better and move better tomorrow… Possibly you’ve said, next year I’ll get better. All I can say is that I have been there, I’ve set my alarm for that 30-minute jog in the morning, I’ve written the shopping list of healthy food for the next day. When the next day came, I hit snooze and decided that a bag of crisps and some fizzy drink with a pizza was way easier than walking back from the shop with heavy bags.



My point today is simple, in fact there are a few:


  1. There is no need to wait for tomorrow when today still has time in it.
  2. Be clear on your short-term objectives because they will lead you to your dreams. Take dead aim at them.
  3. If you have thought about change then you are already capable of making it happen.


With that said, why not seize today, take a 5 – 10 – 20-minute walk during lunch to think about yourself and what you’d like to see in your life.  If you find that you are on track then that is great. If there are some grey areas to work on then get clear about them or seek some help.


We all have the power to make positive choices for our lives, we simply have to make them happen.


If you have any questions or would like to learn more about how my 121 coaching in the West Midlands or my Kickstarter 8 Week Online course can help you with this foundational area of your life, then please let me know as I would love to help. Contact me on


Have a great week!


Stay Strong and Keep Moving!




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