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Training Out of Habit vs Training With Intention

A cold dark morning in November 2013…

It was a cold, dark November morning and I went out for a run. I was 26 years old – I had just quit my job in London and had found a nice running route to build up my speed and pace. 

The loop was just over 7km, I got about 3.5km into the run and couldn’t face the pain anymore. My left knee felt like it was being stabbed with every step and I simply couldn’t carry on. I limped home and decided to hang up my running shoes until I recovered. 

I had been nursing lower back pain as well as a sore knee for a long time and I knew that I needed rest. 

Despite most of the google search results telling me that I needed to chop my leg off there was a sensible article on ‘runner’s knee’ and how it develops through lots of miles and tissue damage to, or around the knee. 

I decided that I would take the rest of 2013 off exercise and ‘just chill’ until my knee was better. Probably not the smartest move, but it forced me to learn about my diet, so I class it as a win. 

I’d lost about 50 kilograms at that point, I was pumped, ready to keep going and achieve my goal of reaching 75kgs, but I simply couldn’t face the pain of running any more. I knew that harnessing good nutrition was the way forward and I sought out a training plan to kick off the year in 2014. 

January 1st was the day that I would stick to a program. I would stick to a New Year’s resolution and I would continue changing my life. Until then it was about rest, recovery and embracing being slightly stuck in a plateau. 

You see, I’d been clocking up the distance on the roads, running about 7km 4 times a week, weighing in at 90 kilos.

When I started losing weight I could only walk, I would walk and then the urge to jog between lampposts got me. The next few runs I focused on jogging between more and more lampposts. 

Before long my cardiovascular fitness had overtaken my level of weight-loss. I was getting super fit, but I was still holding too much weight. 

My solution was to just keep pushing, I pushed the pace up, I ran in the rain, I pushed the distance up too… All with the mindset of change. Heck, I even did a run, with lower back pain and knee pain, in a 5km race in Dubai at just under 100 kilograms. 

I remember those early days of running because every step I took felt like I was running with chains around my legs and the urge to stop was only overpowered by the urge to change my situation.

The mentality shift was amazing. I learned a lot from the process, not to mention really enjoyed the high of the endorphins and the lifestyle shift, however I didn’t find any enjoyment in the bad pain. 

I always say to my clients there is good pain and bad pain. 

Good pain is the feeling of having done a workout, stiff legs or a maybe some delayed onset muscle soreness. 

Bad pain is a stabbing, relentless pain that tells you something is horribly wrong. 

The difficulty came for me when my body started to tell me that I was doing too much (bad pain) and I ignored it. Little did I know that it wouldn’t be the first time that my EGO would get the better of me in exercise. 

Add to the fact that, at the time, I didn’t know enough about training and how much I was putting my body through and you have a recipe for disaster. 

My left knee has never been the same since those heavy days of running and though I kept running as a form of exercise until this year, I have always made sure that I follow a simple, effective warm up and cool down. 

This year I developed even more of a muscular imbalance with my left side through a training injury, which is another story for another blog post. Having done a recent deep dive course into the anatomy of the body I have found that me knee is the punching bag from issues originating in my ankle and my left hip. 

My point today is a simple one. 

As a coach I believe it is VERY important to seek expert advice before just deciding to hit the gym and smash it, or hit a new training regime.

Ultimately as my weight-loss journey unfolded my intention of training changed. It became more about the reason for the exercises rather than just doing them because everyone else was or is. 

If you find yourself doing things because you are following a trend then I would say that is probably going to hold you back sooner rather than later. 

I spent 4 years learning and developing safe, effective training techniques and a further 3 years testing and tweaking my program for people I work with on a 1-2-1 basis. I developed a combination of exercises and then tested it. Then I tested it some more and rounded every corner.

During lockdown here in the UK I refined this program even further and now I have it ready to launch online in it’s full capacity. It’s called…

The Foundations of Movement Program

There are two distinct phases of this program. We deal with the hips and the shoulders.

By putting you through 18 different movements I can screen, understand and prescribe a cardio and strength program for you to get the most out of your training for years to come.

We are all unique in our movement and in our lifestyle choices. Although there are 18 standard movements in this program and they take you through primal pattern movements that Paul Chek developed. 

  1. Bend

  2. Pull

  3. Push

  4. Lunge

  5. Twist

  6. Move

  7. Squat

These standard movements will help you feel stronger, better and more agile. A byproduct is that they help you release tight muscles, mobilise stiff joints and activate the muscles of your body safely. 

As a coach these 3 elements are vital in programming someone to move well. It’s all about the foundations…

It helps you build up your Foundations of Movement. 

If I told you to build a house on dodgy concrete you’d laugh and spend more time and money on creating a safe, stable base to build upon and yet most people will look for the cheapest option when it comes to health and wellbeing. 

What does this do for long term results?

Every single client that takes on board my 18 movements sees a huge shift change. They develop a strong routine and structure in their training. This in turn gives them confidence and keeps them free from injury.

My goal with Raw Motion Fitness is to empower one person with mindset, movement and nutrition every single day to make the world a healthier, happier place. 

This is something that the world needs right now. 

We need positivity. We need health. We need to think differently about health and wellbeing as a whole. 

If each of us was 1% better each day with our health we would improve by 365% every single year. 

My programs take people up to 80% better in the first few weeks. That shift is powerful.

Today I am inviting you to share this post with people you love who might be struggling with aches, pains or no idea how to get moving. 

I’m sending out a FREE kit like this below to every single sign up. 

The Turner 12 Kit Raw Motion Fitness

I am also running this program with £20 per sign up going to a charity called Noah’s Star. 

You can find out more about this program by following this link. 

If you’ve found this helpful, insightful and would like my help in laying a strong, sturdy foundation then I’d love to see you onboard this program.

For now, Stay Strong and Keep Moving. 


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