If you are not a leader then you are a loser.

That seems like a bold statement, but let me qualify it.

When I was 21 I smoked a huge spliff, sat down and pressed play on a documentary that made me question my entire existence.

A few months later my beliefs became known to me as conspiracy theories and I developed a massive amount of distrust for ‘the system’.

It was a weird time in my life, I was going through a lot of change and I couldn’t face the idea that I was never good enough to be a golfing superstar. I had just moved to the UK after leaving Texas and my life felt like it had absolutely no direction. 

At 21 I needed someone to blame for not achieving what I wanted. I needed something to justify my failure to achieve and when I pressed play on the documentary I found the people and the ‘system’ became my public enemy number 1.

I was immersed in reading and watching things that took to some dark places of the internet and of my mind.

I became a guy who moaned, complained and blamed the state of the world for the situation I was in.

I became a loser.

Here’s the thing, whether you’re the average joe, a politician, left wing, right wing, black or white, conspiracy fundie or simply don’t have any political leaning, you can’t shout about problems that exist in the world without a solution. 

Everyone has problems, everyone has something in their lives that might need more attention than others, but when those problems consume you, you lose your sense of self.

If you have a problem and you want to make a song and dance about it and ask for help solving the problem then that’s great, but there is no point in making more negativity by moaning about it if you ain’t going to fix it. 

Trust me because I’ve been there. I was the one with the problems and had no solution, nor did I even bother looking for one for a long time. 

It’s why I hardly scroll social media these days and it is why I have detached myself in a large part from the media, politics, celebrity culture and paying too much attention to conspiracy theories today, even though a lot of them are coming true.

If the mind is tense then the body will be too. That also rings true with your focus. If you focus on the negative then it will be very hard to find a positive.

You see, if you get too caught up in worrying about what is happening in the world, if you find a problem or distraction to focus on, if you get wrapped up in things beyond your control then it is easy to forget about yourself. 

It is good to have interests in the world. It is good to know that things are happening because some things can affect us. HOWEVER, the most important thing to remember is that when you are watching, reading or engaging with anything that is not on your doorstep, your whole world can be passing you by. 

That rush of anger, adrenalin and frustration when you get triggered by something that is beyond your control plays a similar role in the brain to that of sugar. We get addicted to having a problem that is bigger than our immediate world. 

This syndrome is rife in our communities and lives, it’s called the ‘poor me’ syndrome and it can be very powerful at keeping people trapped in a toxic mindset.

Guess what happens when you focus on the problems elsewhere? You neglect your own self care…

“But Brendan, what’s the point of focusing on my health if the world is going to hell in a handcart?” 

That is exactly what I used to think!

I used to think that the world was going to end – I’m not joking, I spent days and hours researching the Mayan calendar and 2012 being the end of the world.

I used to smoke every cigarette with the knowledge that it would possibly kill me and I didn’t care because I thought the world was too much of a mess to care. 

I still question the world, in fact I have had days of feeling angry, frustrated, sad… Instead of letting the negative thoughts about it consume me, I move on and focus on my mission.

They say that good leaders lead. I believe it… I have never respected anyone in life or in business unless they were willing to roll up their sleeves and get stuck into things together. 

How this relates to your health is that, you can be your own leader and in time your success leading your own way to health will become a way to help many more people into health, vitality and wellness. 

Do you know how many people I infected with good health when I lost weight? Thousands! in fact my YouTube channel alone has of 1300 hours of watched content. My Facebook videos average 200-400 views… I’m not even a big name in the fitness world yet and I have still impacted more people with my story in a positive way than I ever thought possible. 

A major issue we face with the world today is that there are too many celebrities, politicians, public figures and ‘leaders’ who promote a very superficial and shallow existence. So when little Jonny signs into his latest iPhone and see’s Kim Kardashian’s butt and Donald Trump’s tweets berating another country, he is certainly not going to be thinking about achieving his goals.

Whilst my impact reaches far less people than Kim Kardashian’s fake butt, I simply keep going with my message… Why? Because the world will wake up, it’s just a matter of time. Our culture will change over time and with the world on the brink of economic collapse my role becomes even more important. SO DOES YOURS!

My solution is to flood the world with my vibes or health through movement, mindset and nutrition. 

Here’s how you can be a leader starting today:

  1. Eat really well, and by that I mean healthy food.

  2. Move really well, there are over 8007 ways to train or exercise.

  3. Work on your mindset in a positive way each day, a strong mind = a strong body.

  4. Spread your learning about the above 3 points with an evangelical approach!

Sure, not everyone will take action, but it we are planting seeds for generations to come. And no immediate action doesn’t mean I will stop grafting and if I won’t stop leading people to health then you shouldn’t stop either! 

If you’re yet to begin and you need some help, then please feel free to reach out. 

Have a great week! 

Stay Strong and Keep Moving


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