Today I wanted to write about why your mind could be stopping you from achieving what you want in your health.


I actually had a very different blog post lined up for this week.

I was going to talk about supermarkets and how to shop… Then last week a podcast that I was interviewed on was published. I did the podcast a while back, pretty much at the start of lockdown in the UK.

If you’d like to hear it then please check it out here: KOMBUCHA AND COLOUR PODCAST.

I listened to it and heard myself talk, which is less weird than I thought it would be, and I was reminded of the key ingredients to my success in sustaining 10 stone of weight-loss.

It’s Always About Your Mental Approach.

You see, without writing a full journal entry here, I was hurting for a long time for various reasons. Things that I ran away from in my personal life. Failure to achieve what I wanted at school, being bullied, failure to achieve at golf and cricket. Failure to stick to a diet plan. Failure to find a girlfriend. Failure to manage my finances.

All of these things add up over time and ended up defining my confidence and my self worth.

When you question your self worth you allow doubt and when doubt takes hold you cannot shake it. In my case I went too deep down a self depreciation tunnel that I decided to find someone else to blame. In the narrative of life we need an enemy.

Jesus had Pontius Pilate and, of course, the devil.

Tribes had other tribes.

Movies have a good guy and a bad guy.

We look for these types of things everywhere. The difficulty comes when we have to face our true oppressor – our minds.

Part of my process to improving my health was physical – but the biggest area that I had to clean up was my mind.

Yesterday I watched a podcast with David Blaine and holy crap it was insane. I started to listen to it on my morning walk but then decided to watch it because he was performing some things that just had to be seen and not heard.

In 23 hours the video had over 2.5 million views! Why? Because he did things that no body would believe possible, but what was more fascinating to me was his very nature as a person.

Too often we only get a snap shot of really talented people, we get a glimpse of who they are but no-one spends the time to get to know people on a radio talk show or a TV interview. With a podcast the very nature of expression is unfiltered.

What struck me about David was that he is a hugely measured and calm person and he takes his art very seriously. He makes sure that he learns all the skills he needs to master his act. In this case, he swallowed a live frog, let it swim inside of him and then brought it back up – still alive – all on video.

He spent 3 years developing that skillset, from learning how to fast for 36 hours to have an empty stomach, to swallowing 5 litres of water, to then learning how to bring the water back up and opening his diaphragm… Only after the fact that he mastered his water control did he move on to swallowing frogs and for the sake of your appetite I’ll spare you the detail.

The fact of the matter is that we don’t have to swallow frogs to have a strong mindset or good health.

What we can and must do is learn to get out of our own way and simply master the art of being healthier and better. This doesn’t happen when you pay for a coaching pack or when you buy an online program… It happens through application.

I hope that you can use the idea of swallowing frogs to your benefit today and Stay Strong and Keep Moving!


P.S. Here’s the video link for you of David swallowing the frog 👇🏻

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