Top 7 Tips For Losing Weight and Keeping it off

This past weekend marks 7 years since I kickstarted my health and jumped from 0% of care for my body to 100%.

Most people ask what diet and what moment prompted the change. 

It’s interesting that no one ever asks about what movement I did…

Yet the first port of call for most people is to hit the gym to lose weight. 

I simply walked for three weeks to start with and whilst there have been many diets, from juicing to Vegansim to intermittent fasting that have guided me, no diet defined my success with sustaining change. Learning did. 

There wasn’t a defining moment either, just a gradual attrition and eventual realisation that I could either die from poor choices or rise to the challenge of change.

I don’t share my story, opinions and unfiltered photos of myself to brag. We already have a culture fixated on bragging with filtered faces and poses seeking attention. 

Instead, my goal is to cut through that noise and preach a message of health. 

Here’s a video with 7 tips to losing weight and keeping it off for you today!👇🏻

It doesn’t matter if your goal is to move better, maintain where you’re at, tone up or lose a considerable amount of weight – the methodology should be the same… Give yourself the opportunity every single day to take care, nourish and love your body. It’s the only place you live and only vessel you have.

7 years ago there was no money in my bank account and no focus or drive to do anything. 

Now I own a fitness business and teach people to do what I did for a living. 

The only limit to your success is in your mind, so today I say this: believe in yourself because you can achieve.

Stay Strong and Keep Moving


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