Between the crazy fad diets and the models that are placed in front of us promoting health products that they never really use, there is some sensible advice you can take on board when it comes to developing your health, fitness and lifestyle.

Consistency and Discipline.


It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at a bodybuilder, model, CrossFit star or a big booty Instagram girl the reason they look the way they look is because they are consistently striving to perfect their craft and they have enough discipline to see it through.

They’ve found a method that works for them and may even have the gift of some good genetics and a really good photoshop editor. 

Sure, the added incentive of a big fat pay cheque from a supplement company or a clothing brand probably helps to drive their results but the key is in their work ethic towards that incentive. 

For the record, I’m using them as an example and I know plenty of chiselled Greek gods and goddesses that have an appalling diet and have huge internal problems, but that’s one for another post…

I digress. 

There’s a chap, called Robert Greene who wrote a book called Mastery. 

In it he writes about the keys to success and the phases we go through.

  1. Apprenticeship 

  2. Creative – Active 

  3. Mastery

Let’s set aside all the goals and thoughts that people might have about success and just focus on being the master of a weight-loss program and achieving your goal weight. 

Most people, in this context, will never reach mastery.


Because they never move out of the apprenticeship phase. 

This phase is all about learning from others or having an extrinsic motivator. It’s why I have a job and why I coach people through these phases week in, week out. The key in this phase for my clients is getting them to understand the dynamic of a coach vs a trainer. 

A trainer will just tell you what to do and time you or count your reps. This is purely extrinsic as you are simply relying on the directional element of the relationship. The ‘monkey see, monkey do’ approach can work and people can have great results but when the trainer goes away or the program is over… Well, that’s where the wheels fall off for a lot of people.

A coach will guide you and and help you to learn your processes, how you can achieve your result with some guidance and how to keep progressing without being told what to do. 

A coach will take you through the apprenticeship phase and into the creative – active phase. In context of weight-loss this could then become the phase where you would experiment with different foods and training styles.

The mastery phase then becomes a phase where you’re in full control of the new lifestyle and choices that you’ve learned and embraced.

This is an awesome phase to see people progress to, but it takes time, consistency and discipline. 

It’s why no diet in the world is the ‘perfect’ diet and why there is no such thing as the ‘perfect’ training style. 

Now, more than ever, we should be looking to become masters of our own health. We should strive to be as consistent and disciplined as possible. 

Sure, we’ll have some ups and downs but the trend must always be in the direction of successful mastery of our health. 

If you’re struggling with that today or you would like to chat some more about it then let’s book in to have chat. 

Attack your day and your week with focus, consistency and discipline!

Stay Strong and Keep Moving,


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