The Human Function Podcast

I’ve started a new podcast and it would be great if you took some time out to listen to it.

Here’s why.

The reality in the world today is that many illnesses, among them diabetes, heart disease and some cancers are preventable. All people have to do is embrace a healthy lifestyle. 

My vision is a world where this happens. People will live more healthily which will prevent disease. They’ll reduce their dependence on prescription drugs and medical care. People will feel better mentally because they feel better physically thus reducing mental health problems in the population. Our health care system will be able to focus its attention where it is really needed rather than on self-inflicted lifestyle diseases.

Utopia? Yep, but that’s what I’d love to see in the world. It’s what gets me up the morning and keeps me going through the day. I am building my vision, one person at a time by helping you be healthier and fitter. 

So, although I run a business and want to make it successful, that’s not my only motivation. It’s not even my main motivation. If it was I wouldn’t be so passionate about what I do.

The good thing is that I’m not alone. There are other health and fitness professionals who have a similar vision to mine. Like me they know that being healthy is a process, not an event, and involves your entire being. They know that helping people achieve health is not about promoting a particular fad or trying to be a celebrity personal trainer. 

These professionals also know that if we help each other we make ourselves stronger as a profession and improve our ability to help our clients. They want you to know what they know. They are prepared to share their stories because they know that their vision of a healthier world is more important than narrow personal gain. They share my belief that by getting our message out there we are creating more opportunities for our profession to grow.

I’m connecting with these experts through my podcast – The Human Function Podcast – in which I have talk to them about their back-stories and why they do what they do.

So far I’ve interviewed four great people for the podcast: Laura Carroll about her fitness business and the challenges she has faced (among them being in a coma from meningitis); Brian and Pina, the owners of Poly-African fitness in Australia who do what I do only with a more spiritual influence; Jin Atwal whose mission is to improve the mental health of children and Cristiano Percoco a nutritional therapist. They gave their time freely for these podcasts.

All these people share my passion for creating a healthier society. Like me they realise that the way to health and well-being rests on the right mix of good food, good exercise and positive mental habits. Like me, they want to share.

Drop by and have a listen. You’ll be fascinated by the stories and wisdom of the people I speak to.

The podcasts are on my website and on Spotify. Use the link below.


Have a great week.

Stay Strong and Keep Moving

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