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Brendan Turner weight-loss
2013 – 2021

A couple of months have passed since I said goodbye to consistently updating my personal Facebook and Instagram profiles. A major reason for this change was that I needed space in my life to deal with my pain relief and chronic pain.

The other main reason was predominantly because we are living in a phase of ‘toxic digitalism’, where everyone is a ‘verified’ publisher with no editor or intelligence.

I found it imperative to only engage on the platforms for positive reasons, rather than getting sucked into the mindless scrolling, something we all became professional at over the last 18 months.

Today, I wanted to send out an update to the internet.

Sit back and get ready for a good read – by the way, if you’re in pain and need some help, click this link here for my 12 step pain free guide. 

Back to the update.

When leaving the commercial gym environment in 2019, I no longer had any people to serve who would walk through my ‘workspace’ every single day. 

Finding people to help was the single biggest obstacle to overcome when being faced with a big wide world of business.

At first I took to the only form of marketing I knew, Facebook and Instagram.

After that I took a leap and joined a face to face networking group and then some online ones too and that enabled me to serve more people with my message.

There were some, if not many moments when I thought that diving head first into being an entrepreneur was a complete mistake… 

In fact, in February 2020 I was thinking about jacking everything in and just working in an office full time again. 

I had moments of sheer panic, change can be a very scary process. 

Topping that all off in early 2020, I had been in hospital twice for what the doctors thought was a chronic infection in my prostate. I contested this, as I believed I was injured in a strenuous workout that I had done, literally the day my symptoms appeared.

I also let their judgement overrule mine, as you can imagine, when you are in pain sometimes you cling to anything to make it stop. 

My New Personal Disclaimer.

Never again will a grown human stick a finger in my butt, twice, without at least buying me dinner and some flowers first. 

One thing I learned to do, which I had forgotten about during the onset of the pain was to always trust my gut.

Between the first time I had my prostate checked and the last time I had it checked I read books and did a lot of research on male pelvic health. 

In that time I believe that I became more knowledgeable than the two urologists that I had seen. The reason being, my prostate wasn’t the problem and they were looking in the wrong place. 

To back that statement up my bloods showed no infection and my kidneys, testicles and general gubbins were all free from tumours. The evidence, or lack-thereof was pointing to trauma in the pelvic floor.  As I stated in my first consultation with them.

My conversation with the doctors.

This is how the conversation with the urologists went:

Me: “So, my blood work is good?”

Docs: “Yes.”

Me: “Is it safe to believe that some trauma from heavy front squats in the gym with poor technique has triggered this pain?”

Docs: “Why would you say that?”

Me: “Because that was the very last thing I did before developing my symptoms.”

Docs: “Well, it is highly unlikely that a gym injury could cause these symptoms.”

Me: “Okay, thanks… In your experience, when you lose your brace and technique in a front squat with a heavy bar, would you say your pelvic floor and core becomes compromised?”

Docs: “What is a front squat? Look Mr Turner, take these antibiotics for another 6 weeks and come back if the pain has not gone.”

Me: “Okay, but, I have no infection, I’m in chronic pain.”

Docs: “Yes but take them to rule it out, and here are some pills for the pain.”

Me: “Okay, thanks for the prescriptions, see you later.”

In that last appointment with my GP I was written a final script for antidepressants, along with some heavy pain killers and 4 months supply of antibiotics on top of the 6 weeks of antibiotics that I had already been taking. All of this to help with my chronic pain management.

“24 million opioid-based prescriptions are written in the UK each year…”

The pain killers alone just made me feel like I was a walking pill box so I just threw everything in the bin.

Yep, sure I had to suffer waking up, sleeping, standing, sitting and walking in pain all day, say 8/10 pain level, but at least my mind was my own.

My thoughts are my own now rather than complete doom and gloom or dependence. 

I reached out to a friend who was able to point me in the direction of some organic CBD oil with THC which has helped immensely, especially because the pain makes me anxious and the anxiety makes the pain worse.

Even though I only took the antibiotics and pain killer pills for a few weeks the come down was horrendous, but even with relentless pain I will never willingly take drugs like that again.  

Not to mention I had really catastrophic thoughts.

The chronic pain has been with me for 18 months now, some days are good, some days are bad. 

Functional Patterns.

Over the last few weeks it has been either really intense or not there at all and I put that down to the bio-mechanical studying and work that I have been doing with Functional Patterns, this is what is helping me with pain relief and chronic pain… You can watch my journey on my YouTube channel here.

To this day I am yet to have a follow up call or consult with anyone from the NHS or pain clinic regarding my condition. I wait in anticipation, though I have had two booked and cancelled because of the backlog caused by the last year.

Problem solving.

Instead of waiting for a solution I decided that I would find it myself and over the last 18 months I have immersed myself in learning. 

I’ve been learning physiotherapy and studying human biomechanics. I am also enrolled with a mentor in Miami who is guiding me on a spiritual journey to my own conflict management. 

In this learning process I have learned a lot about chronic pain management and I have brought my pain levels down to 30-50% at present. 

The biggest growth factor for me as an individual was in joining the Elite Closing Academy for guidance on how to serve the world of health and movement with 100% more energy and focus. 

After countless hours reading, researching and manipulating my body, walking and running gait analysis and movement therapy it seems that my body is all twisted up.

My Functional Patterns coach says I am like an onion, just with many layers of dysfunctions… Like most of us.

I have created a dysfunction in my pelvic floor through adopted positions and poorly taught PT courses and years of playing golf.

My body, like most people’s, is like a slinky with a kink in it, and traditional training in the gym has compounded all my issues resulting in severe injury and spinal compression.

When you couple that with the entrepreneurial stress and anxiety you have the right conditions for injury and chronic pain.

My spine, my hips, shoulders are everything are out of sync. Years of sitting, playing various sports and letting myself become a hugely obese person have taken their toll on my physiology and sadly, when I put it under heavy load and stress – everything buckled. 


The lessons learned have been immense over the last 18 months, the biggest lesson being that no-one was ever going to save me. I had to do the work for myself.

I have also had to do some serious work on my core beliefs around money and my propensity for self sabotage. 

In this process of deep self work and study I have found that my daily meditation, rehabilitation, spiritual and bio-mechanical learning have been reminded of several things:

  1. It is my purpose to use my suffering, pain and learning in this life to help others overcome the suffering, pain and struggle in their lives. 
  2. The world’s energy is out of balance and we, as beings have a duty to this world to find that balance again.
  3. Fear will keep everyone in pain and to break free from pain means overcoming fear.
  4. My pain is merely a lesson that I am learning so that I can help make a brighter tomorrow for generations to come.


Initially I wrote this long blurb here about choice, but actually, if you think about it, positive choices for yourself and those around you mean that you are operating in a more intelligent way. 

So therefore to make the right choices you need to become a more intelligent human being.

When you optimise your health with good food and you start to optimise your movement beyond what traditional training methodologies offer you start to unpack an elevated perspective on the world. 

You start to see the possibility that we are teetering on the edge of devolution. 

That’s why I wanted to leave the internet alone for a while. I simply could not witness humanity marching to its impending doom through stupidity. We are selling our souls to big food, big pharma and sit there fighting amongst each other.

We have to stop trying to fight amongst ourselves whilst we pander towards other people to save the planet… 

Politicians, the NHS, the G7, Greta… None of these people are going to be the ones to create a healthy, happy sustainable world. 

It’s YOU that needs to do it. 

Here’s how you can do it…

Start with yourself, start fixing the dysfunctions in your movement, diet and life.

Once that is done then move on to helping others.   

If you ever need faith that the world can change then look at my example. 

A few short years ago I was a wheezing heart attack waiting to happen. As of today I am fit, injured but in good health and on the road to rehabilitation from my dysfunctional movement pattern. I’m in full remission from food addiction and unhealthy thought practices. 

I haven’t been sick with a cold, flu or cough in over 2 years… It hasn’t happened by mistake, it happened because of this simple word:


The longer everyone waits for a jab or a mask or a scientist to save them, the longer we will stay stuck as a human race.

We travel through space on this blue planet and we are mere choices and decisions away from being more intelligent.

The more you are addicted to food and addicted to poor lifestyle choices then the more pain you’ll be in. 

We have a society that eats chemicals.

A a society that punishes their bodies in pursuit of a ‘perfect beach body’.

We have a culture in the fitness world where moving is looked at as a chore, a tick box exercise to achieve status.

Our race poisons their bodies by drinking chemicals.

We suck down prescribed chemicals from people who are too overwhelmed to uphold their hippocratic oath.

We then clean our homes with chemicals.

And we immerse ourselves in negativity and consume media that pollutes our minds.

Act Now!

We wait for a miracle cure, a magic pill to take away our pain, and wonder why we see alarming rates of obesity, diabetes, dementia, Alzheimer’s, colds, flu, cancer, depression, autism, lower back pain, knee pain, social justice warriors, polarisation…

The list goes on.

Our pain as humans is that we are struggling to survive when we were actually designed to thrive.

With a few simple choices you can open yourself up to a universe that is truly magical. 

Ultimately, we all want to feel free and freedom starts with you making an individual, informed choice to be so. 

Choice = intelligence.

I’ll leave you with a question to ponder until the next post. 

What choices can you make today to move the world closer to health? 

P.S. If you have stayed until the end it means that in someway you resonate with what I have said, you care or you are in need of pain relief and chronic pain management.

You want a way out of it…

Here’s your chance, download my 12 Step Pain Free Guide.

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