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Brendan’s Weight-loss Story – Draft 1 – Where Raw Motion Fitness Began…

Anyone who has ever suffered from pain knows that it is an incredibly debilitating experience.

Pain comes in many forms and I have been lucky or unlucky enough to suffer with chronic emotional pain, depression and chronic physical pain over the course of my life.

Pain can make it difficult to function normally in your life and can cause a tremendous amount of stress.

Raw Motion Fitness Newsletter – Week 2 – 2022 

Raw Motion Fitness Newsletter

This week was another great week to kick off the year. Especially with the new addition the Dojo … The cable stack that is going to help so many more people move better! Welcome to another Raw Motion Fitness Newsletter. As promised last week in the first Raw Motion Fitness Newsletter, I will be bringing […]

Raw Motion Fitness Newsletter – Week 1 – 2022

Raw Motion Fitness Newsletter

This year I have lined up 52 weeks of resources for you, straight into your inbox on a Sunday. Today’s post is the Raw Motion Fitness – Newsletter – The truth about grains and ageing! This week has seen the start of the year for most of my clients. It started strong! Everyone I am working […]

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