Brendan’s Weight-loss Story – Draft 1 – Where Raw Motion Fitness Began…

Welcome to the introduction of my book, I’ve called this post, “Brendan’s Weight-loss Story”. Please would you read this and put a comment below to tell me if this introduction would entice you to want to read more?

Right now I am toying with the idea of calling it…

How to lose weight and become pain free, fit and healthy.

Without being suckered by the Fitness Industry…

An inspiring story of weight-loss, rehab, addiction and pain with a sense of humour and a tone of urgency…

Anyone who has ever suffered from pain knows that it is an incredibly debilitating experience.

Pain comes in many forms and I have been lucky or unlucky enough to suffer with chronic emotional pain, depression and chronic physical pain over the course of my life. Read more here.

Pain can make it difficult to function normally in your life and can cause a tremendous amount of stress.

Unfortunately, many people suffer from pain unnecessarily because they don’t understand why they are in pain and what they can do to become pain free.

In fact I would go as far as to say a lot of people treat the symptoms of their problems instead of dealing with their problems…

Quick story to kick things off…

…It was an early morning in spring and I had woken up after a terrible night trying to sleep. I rolled out of my ‘bed’ behind the sofa on the floor of my best friend’s east London flat.

Brendan's Weight-loss Journey
Brendan’s Weight-loss story

I smoked a cigarette, then jumped in the shower, got changed and was out the door the 7:40 train had my name on it.

As I made the 15 minute walk down the hill to the train station I popped another cigarette in my mouth and enjoyed puffing it as I pondered what the day would hold at work.

Before stepping on the train I needed supplies.

20 Camel Lights, a Monster energy drink a pack of ibuprofen and a chocolate bar was my daily ritual.

The energy drink would keep me awake on the way to my busy restaurant job and the chocolate bar was a cheeky treat.

Weighing in, well at that stage the scales had run away, but my heaviest was 22 stone…

I got off the train at Waterloo station and began the 10 minute walk to the BFI where I worked, I would always take a leisurely stroll so I could smoke my 3rd cigarette before starting work at 8:30.

Once at work I would always open the coffee machine, mostly because I needed the fix of a freshly made coffee. The monster would only last so long.

My day would revolve around each cigarette break really, “time to de-stress” from the onslaught of thirsty and hungry tourists and Londoners all eager to spend their hard earned money in pursuit of a good experience.

In amongst my endless coffees, Coca Cola on tap and cheeky bowl of fries from the kitchen I would be popping ibuprofen to help ease the headaches until I was able to go home.

Home would either be a takeaway or a ready meal and then I would watch TV until I fell asleep and then repeated the process again and again.

Some days the shifts were a later start and finish, which would often mean that I could steal some ice cream from our Mr Whippy machine before finishing my shift.

Before the penny dropped and I realised the potential I had to start “Brendan’s weight-loss story or journey I would wake up each day, including my days off, trying to understand the following:

  • Why I was so tired.
  • Why I had headaches all the time.
  • Why my feet aches so badly and had to be soaked in cold water every night.
  • Why I couldn’t sleep even though I was tired.
  • Why I coughed all the time.
  • Why I had a really bad appendix hospital visit.
  • Why I got shingles.
  • Why I just wanted to smoke and eat myself to death.
  • Why my girlfriend left me.
  • Why I was broke.

I never considered that I would ever be sat writing about myself like this, let alone calling it, “Brendan’s weight-loss story”.

Fast forward a few months and that routine had changed completely.

The morning trip was an energetic walk to the station where I would buy 2 bananas, an apple and some sparkling water. Then I would work all day with no extra breaks and be home much earlier because I was more efficient. No smoking, no junk food and bundles of energy!

Oh and I was down 2 stone on my weight and falling…

I would often walk back up the hill to the flat instead of taking the bus up the hill and I had more energy than I knew what to do with…

We’ll unpick how I changed so drastically in this book but understand that if I CAN CHANGE then YOU CAN too!

In this book I will discuss the various causes weight gain around the world and the causes of pain. I will unpack how you can lose weight, get fit and strong and how you can find long term relief from your pain.

I will in pack and guide you through ways to avoid the pitfalls of the fitness industry, with celebrity trainers and fad diets that are all about making money and in many cases don’t care or even know what it is like to really struggle.

I will also talk about some of the latest treatments for chronic pain and how you can get started on your path to becoming pain free.

Thanks for reading!

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