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Raw Motion Fitness Newsletter – Week 2 – 2022 

Raw Motion Fitness Newsletter

This week was another great week to kick off the year. Especially with the new addition the Dojo … The cable stack that is going to help so many more people move better! Welcome to another Raw Motion Fitness Newsletter. As promised last week in the first Raw Motion Fitness Newsletter, I will be bringing […]

Dare to be great | Ross Edgley’s Great British Swim

In a moment I’ll cut to the main story of this post, about Ross Edgley, the man swimming around Britain at the moment. From athletes to presidents the term has carried us through 100 years or more and still holds a very good place in getting people off their arses and into the driver’s seat […]


I hear these words a lot, how they are used often gives me an insight into how people think about the goals they are striving for and how they feel about themselves.   That may sound like a really deep way to kick off the first blog post back, but I’ll give drop a few […]

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