Pain relief and chronic pain…

A couple of months have passed since I said goodbye to consistently updating my personal Facebook and Instagram profiles. A major reason for this change was that I needed space in my life to deal with my pain relief and chronic pain. The other main reason was predominantly because we are living in a phase […]

Clarity | Tapping into your dreams

  his way around the UK. We have certainly got enough fuel in the motivational tank to make a journey ourselves. This is where today’s blog might come in handy. This is about clarity and tapping into our dreams as a source of intrinsic motivation.   The great thing about seeing someone else’s journey through […]

Fight for life and vitality | Rosie Mitchell’s story

Rosie Mitchell is a long-time family friend and there are a few things that stand out as good memories of spending time at her house in Zimbabwe. Rosie and her husband at the time, used to have Braai’s at her house, his name was Matthew and his party trick was climbing up the big tree […]

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