Raw Motion Fitness Newsletter – Week 2 – 2022 

Raw Motion Fitness Newsletter

This week was another great week to kick off the year. Especially with the new addition the Dojo … The cable stack that is going to help so many more people move better! Welcome to another Raw Motion Fitness Newsletter.

As promised last week in the first Raw Motion Fitness Newsletter, I will be bringing you sets of resources each week to help you explore health, fitness and movement so that you can hit 2022 with the most energy you can. Since the rona came about there were a number of things that I became aware of that would make you more susceptible to becoming unwell. I’ve listed them below

1 Body fat percentage – the higher you are on this the more your immune system will be compromised.

2 Diet – the better balanced and well rounded your diet, the more your cells will be healthy.

3 Sleep – this is hugely important. The less quality sleep you get the more the body is out of balance, more on that in today’s resources.

4 Sunlight – Vitamin D is something that is missing in today’s society, especially in children who are addicted to video games, devices and being indoors. If your body does not get adequate exposure to sunlight, it will be likely be deficient in Vitamin D.

5 Biomechanics – how well you stand, walk and run and how tight/ loose your muscles are or if you have aches, pain and niggles; these will also have an impact, but more on that another time. 

A simple measure of how balanced you are in each area would be to rate yourself out of 3 on each area, 1 being poor and 3 being great! If your score is below 10 then it’s likely that you have some work to do.

Without rambling too much, here are your weekly resources to help you combat two of the 5 areas I have just mentioned.

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Resource 1 – Red light therapy, what it is and how it can help you by Nick Coeztee.

Resource 2 – Sleep and why it is important – Matthew Walker,

Matthew’s podcast with Joe Rogan is possibly one of the best podcasts on sleep that you will find:

Matthew has also written a book on sleep which you can find here: https://amzn.to/33GpsVX

I hope that information was helpful for you today and if you have any questions on how to apply these things in your life then please explore the topics mentioned above or drop me a message and we can chat.

As ever…

Stay Strong and Keep Moving,


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