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By choosing Raw Motion Fitness you’re selecting more than just a qualified personal trainer! We look at the big picture that is your life and focus on the holistic view. We’ll make sure that you’re as fit as you want to be, as happy as you want to be and live the life that you know you want to, not simply dream of!

121 Personal Training

Focussing on the West Midlands, Solihull region, Brendan offers bespoke and tailored Fitness and Holistic Training sessions to people from all backgrounds.

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Online Kickstarter

Looking for a Personal Training programme but don’t have the time for 121 sessions? Our online Kickstarter programme is the perfect solution for you.

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Are you looking to make a change in your life? Are you nervous about the process? This program is perfect for you. Focusing on a holistic view of your life, this 8-week video and activity program has been designed to offer you the freedom to create a better life from a movement, diet and happiness point of view.

Anyone can do this program and most find it leads to bigger and better things. The best part is that everything happens at the right pace for you to create sustainable change in your life. Most people are caught in a loop in the fitness industry and are suckered in by the quick fix sales techniques of some trainers. People are being sold short term solutions.

This program is designed to kickstart your health and get you thinking about more than just fitness and diet. Each week you will learn something new, you’ll form new habits and develop a healthier happier life.

You are guided with video coaching and weekly activities to Kickstart your life and take back what you have lost!

Here’s what you get once you become a member and start your 8 week program:

  • Guided fitness videos and assessments to follow and complete.
  • Guided life coaching videos.
  • Guided nutritional content, this includes questionnaires to help you understand your diet and behavioural coaching videos to sustainably nourish the body.
  • Guided mindfulness and meditation videos and techniques, free access to a mindfulness app.
  • Activity sheets for fitness, diet, and personal development to keep you on track.
  • 8 weeks of positive, uplifting activities that help you break through your barriers and thrive for life!
  • Access to a closed Raw Motion Fitness Facebook group for positive vibes from the community.

Looking to take control of your life, in a positive way? Then this is the program for you. Sign up today!

The cost of this course is £126.66 per month for 3 months, after that access is free for life! 

Not sure? Hear from Jane who started with the Kickstart Program and moved to 121 training with Brendan.

Jane is 30+ years old. Has struggled with weight gain and fluctuations her whole adult life. Started with Raw Motion Fitness in September last year ahead of her wedding and has Kickstarted her life in ways she couldn’t fathom. She went through the Kickstarter Program and progressed into 121 coaching and has lost 38kg (6 stone), she has smashed it and gone from strength to strength.

“Brendan’s influence has made such a huge change in the way I think about my life, my food, my fitness. I travel a lot for work and the main thing I have learnt is to harness the time in my days to be productive towards my long term mission of thriving and being the best version of me I can be! I am so thankful to him for getting me wedding ready, but also for helping make a change that I know will be sustainable.”


Got any questions? Get in contact today and we’ll be happy to answer any queries that you may have.


Email:  Phone: 0121 227 5013

121 training

Our 121 bespoke training takes place over a 6 month period and has been designed by Brendan to meet your personal needs. You’ll work on your mindset, nutrition, goals and fitness whilst engraining new habits for sustainable change over the 6 months. Sessions are delivered at your home 1-2 times each week where you’ll work on several behavioural changes, fitness as well as homework activities.

If you’re looking for a personal fitness coach who will really make a difference to your life from a holistic point of view then this is the course for you.

Here’s a break down of what happens:

  • We sit and discuss your goals in a detailed consultation.
  • You complete questionnaires relating to your health, lifestyle and fitness.
  • We spend the first month putting in place a movement, diet, quiet and happiness plan.
  • We strip down the kitchen cupboards and create new shopping lists and create simple recipes that will help to nourish the body.
  • We complete a metabolic and primal pattern diet typing test and learn ways of managing positive choices for diet and exercise.
  • We work on goal setting, time management and nutritional coaching.
  • We set up mindfulness practices to help you thrive.We go on a journey through 6 months of work to get you to be the fittest and strongest versions of yourself.The cost for this course is £417 per month for the 6 months and can be paid in full too.

Please note that there is currently a waiting list for this, initial contact is recommended to be placed onto the list of upcoming places.

Not sure? Hear from Alan – 50+ years old. Has lost over 2 stone since starting with me. He is an avid sportsman and plays golf every week – we have worked on mindset, weightless, mobility and thriving. He is flying!

“Working with Brendan has made me fitter, stronger and more confident. I have a demanding job and travel for work which creates a difficult life balance. We have worked together for a while and I feel like I am fitter and stronger than ever. I feel I am walking softly, but powerfully!” – Alan

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Got any questions? Get in contact today and we’ll be happy to answer any queries that you may have.


Email:  Phone:0121 227 5013

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