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Holistic Training and Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching packages

Whether you’re looking for an intensive, online Kickstarter package, or that tailored 121 fitness and lifestyle programme, Raw Motion Fitness has the perfect fitness programme for you.

Personal Training

Based in Solihull, Brendan offers personalised 1-2-1 training programmes to track your goals and targets. This is perfect if you’re looking for a complete personal training package.

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Kickstart Progamme

Our online ‘Kickstarter’ package is perfect for those who want a personal trainer, but don’t have the time for 121 training. Your complete guide for a happier, healthier life. Start your unique journey today!

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Less Talk, More Action

Brendan’s story is quite the journey. Why trust him with your fitness? Well, he lost 10 stone, changed his outlook on life and today, faces every day as a fresh adventure.

Sounds like a good life, eh!

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Raw Motion News

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    Published: 10th Sep 2018

      Just a quick note in here, if you are struggling with perspective or what I write below and haven’t set goals for yourself then send me an email info@rawmotionfitness.com   and I’d be happy …

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    Published: 19th Aug 2018

    Fortitude definition: Courage in Pain or Adversity What is mental fortitude then? Well, imagine this, you’re playing your favorite sport or doing you favorite activity. You’re out having a great day and then bang! You’re on …

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    Published: 12th Aug 2018

    1010What do I mean when I say you can’t out train a bad diet? Bob’s Story:   It was early November 2017 and Bob’s alarm went off, 5am, he got up and got going with …

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