About Raw Motion Fitness

Raw Motion Fitness is the West Midland’s Premium Personal Training and Holistic Training service, offering both 1-2-1 Personal Training and also a worldwide online ‘Kickstarter’ programme aimed at people who are truly looking to change their lives.

Fronted by myself, Brendan Turner, Raw Motion Fitness is driven by 5 core values:


I bring these core values into every aspect of my day-to-day life, believing that a positive approach to life is essential to a healthy mind and body.

Brendan’s Story

I grew up in Zimbabwe and from an early age was actively involved in cricket and golf, but it’s my recent history from 2013 that really drove me to set up Raw Motion Fitness. I was overweight and quite cynical about life. Eating the wrong types of food, lack of exercise or real focus in life meant that I was quite depressed and felt unfulfilled with life.

So, I made the life-changing decision to become healthy. I lost over 10 stone, changed my attitude to food and life in general and today I live a positive and happy lifestyle.

Brendan’s Life Today

Today, my life is very different. I am a qualified Personal Trainer and am currently completing holistic lifestyle training with the CHEK Institute.  I am also a qualified Precision Nutrition Coach.

I now also approach each aspect of my life with a positive and structured manner.


Rather than seeing food as a guilty pleasure, I now realise that food is the fuel that allows us to live our lives actively. Put rubbish fuel in and you’re going to be running on empty all the time.


It’s so important to have a healthy mind as much as a healthy body and with today’s permanent connection to the internet, the pressure to fit in and keep and the general stress of life this can be quite a challenge. I take time every day to train my mind, give it room to breathe and make sure I live as happy a life as possible.


At the core of a healthy lifestyle is movement. Combining a healthy diet with a structured exercise plan has helped me to maintain not only a healthy body, but this has also helped create a positive outlook on life.

If I can do this, so can you! Are you ready to start?

Confidence in Certification

By training with Raw Motion Fitness, you can train with the confidence that I am fully qualified and will be focused on your personal needs.

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